8880 N Hess St Suite 3, Hayden, ID 83835

8880 N Hess St Suite 3, Hayden, ID 83835

Functional Medicine
Treat Your Illness For Good

Functional medicine uses a patient-centered approach that helps identify and treat the root cause behind your chronic illness, rather than just masking your symptoms. At The Lounge Med Spa, we understand that no two patients are the same. That’s why we provide comprehensive, custom treatment plans to help treat your chronic illness so you can live a healthier, happier quality of life.

Holistic Treatment
More Than Just A Medication

Functional medicine provides comprehensive care to treat your chronic illness for good, rather than just temporarily masking your symptoms with a cocktail of medications. Unlike traditional medicine which primarily focuses on treating your individual symptoms, functional medicine uses your symptoms as clues to better understand the underlying cause(s) behind your illness.

Suffering from a complex chronic illness can be physically and mentally debilitating, especially if you don’t understand why you’re ill in the first place. Functional medicine looks at the whole person, rather than just their disease, to better understand the patient’s entire medical history, physiology, genetic makeup, lifestyle, and various environmental factors to get to the bottom of their illness.

Patient-Centered Approach That Looks Beyond Your Symptoms

Functional medicine provides one-of-a-kind treatment centered around each patient’s unique health needs. We carefully evaluate your genetics, medical history, and various lifestyle factors to create a tailored treatment plan to identify and treat the cause behind your condition.
From physical needs like nutrition to mental stressors like work and relationships, we consider and address various aspects of the patient’s life to provide a highly personalized, science-based treatment plan unique to their health and wellness needs. Addressing these root cause(s) behind your condition, whether it be related to stress, genetics, allergens, or a combination of factors, provides patients with a long-term solution to treat their condition straight on, instead of just temporarily suppressing their symptoms with medications.

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Comprehensive & Custom Plans For Your Unique Needs

We don’t just prescribe medications based on your individual symptoms. Rather, we listen and collaborate with each of our patients to create a comprehensive treatment plan to identify and target the source behind your symptoms. Gone are the days of modifying your life around your symptoms. With functional medicine, patients find long-lasting relief to treat the source of their disease so they can live healthier, more balanced lives.

Plan Options

Plan #1
$249/mo (12month commitment)

  • $350 Initial 90-minute Dr. Visit (one-time)
  • 10x Health coaching sessions
  • 6x Physician visits
  • Additional appointment are $199
  • 25% off all recommended services
  • 15% off all other services

Plan #2
$950 (one-time payment for 12 months)

  • 12-month custom plan from the Doctor
  • Additional appointments are $249

New Customer

Returning Customer

Limited Time

Membership Discount

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